Biblical Prophecies of Muhammad

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Biblical Prophecies of Muhammad

(4'1'* 'D#F(J'! (E-E/ (5DI 'DDG 9DJG H 3DE) (%F,DJ2J) E*1,E EF 'D91(J) %DI 'D%F,DJ2J)

9(/ 'DHG'( 9(/ 'D3D'E 7HJD)

174 5A-)

All prophets call to common principles and established fundamentals which are not different in essence. Details of legislation and rulings differ from nation to nation according to differences in time, places, and people’s conditions, what they are ready for, and the surrounding circumstances. It is the wisdom of Allah that he made for every nation a special prophet. The messages of previous prophets were a herald paving the way to the message of Muhammad the seal of Allah prophets and messengers. Therefore, Allah revealed to him a Book and inspiration which include a comprehensive, general, and perfect jurisprudence which tackles all aspects of life, and which is proper every time and place. One may ask: if Islam is universal, and its jurisprudence achieves happiness for people in the world and hereafter, then why do westerners harbor grudge and hatred for it, although they have achieved great materialistic advances? The answer will be found in the book

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