A Social History Of Education In The Muslim World

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"The book will make a fine introductory text on the subject for undergraduate students and those who have a general interest in the field but possess no prior knowledge of it. Contained within are many gems of prized information, that reveal "a labour of love" on the part of the author in uncovering such facts, which need to be expounded further so that they become common knowledge, and can assist in countering widespread Orientalist misconceptions about Islam." (The Muslim World Book Review)

A Social History of Education in the Muslim World: From the Prophetic Era to Ottoman Times provides a comprehensive view of education and society in the Muslim world throughout the five key historic periods. The book asks intriguing questions such as, how has the Muslim quest for knowledge defined education, how have a range of Muslim educational institutions evolved through out the various historical periods and how has this social history affected contemporary Islamic education. Using historical sources, the author explores the background, the development and the impact of education in the major Sunni Caliphal cities commencing from Madinah to Damascus, Baghdad, Cairo and Istanbul.

Author: Amjad M. Hussain

285 pages

15 x 21cm

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